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06 Model and just did 5" Turbo back exhaust= Predator programmeron extreme setting - and Afe complete intake with tube to turbo. Truck sounds awesome and car really tell a difference in power just not getting the smoke I want!!! Will smoke a tad bit at take off but thats it. Still got the RKL tune left to try but not sure if it will make that big a differnce or not. I know smking isn't making power but would like to see some!
im guessing an auto? mine smoked fine on 160 with my auto, on my 5 speed it smoked alot when you lugged it, download the RKL puffer tunes and you can black out a intersection
also your transmission wont last long if you leave the level above 100HP so i would not worry about smoke unless you want to spend alot fixing your truck
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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