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Gooseneck options

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I am going to need a gooseneck hitch (2 5/16")...unfortunately the truck doesn't have one already installed.......anyone ever install an aftermarket kit? Curious on how they mount up, and how tricky it can be....
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go king pin had a ball myself in last truck and never I mean never again
b&w makes kits made to fit your truck and install in a couple hours. You can also add the companion if you want to tow a fifth wheel, or get the kingpin insert if you prefer a kingpin over a ball.
B&W Hitch all the way. have had 3 of them. They are great and easy install.
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You will find many B&W fans (including me).
b & w fan here as well ( on 3rd gen )
1st time B&W owner. Like it so far.
The B&W turnover gets my vote as well. Put one on my 06 work truck. The dealer told me it would be 5 hours and $400 to install it. Thats outrageous, so I tackled it myself. I took me about 2.5 hours. It was pretty easy...just have to notch out a tab (3rd gen) in the fender, cut the hole in the bed and bolt it in. The most difficult part was lifting the hitch into place. So if you do it yourself, have an extra set of hands available, and it will save some time and cussing.
Got reese rails that fit the goose neck ball or the fifth wheel i put one in my 05 never again im letting the dealer put the one in the 07.
B& W Flip Hitch, Dude I've Had Them In My Last 2 Trucks .really Liked Them .i Hooked A Bunge With A Bright Clothes Pin Right Over The Ball Across The Top Inside Of The Bed To Make Lining Up Easier,works Like A Champ!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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