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gooseneck hitch

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Hey guys I'm converting my 96 3500 4x4 to a single wheel in a couple weeks and I'm looking for beds on craigslist. Well I'm gonna go ahead and say I don't even have a gooseneck trailer its just for future reference. I hardly pull anything more than lawnmowers and a bobcat. It the bed I am looking at has 5th wheel rails in it and has a gooseneck ball and plate welded to the rails. Well I figured if I put the 5 the wheel rail mounts on my frame and weld them on and bolt the rails down that I can use the ball if I ever have to pull a gooseneck? It looks like a good job from the pics. Like I said I don't have a gooseneck and probably never will have one but I was just wondering if this was safe. My truck now don't have a gooseneck hitch or 5th wheel rails suprisingly ..
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Okay guys after further reading which would have answered my question before, the bed has the 5th wheel rails and a gooseneck plate. But instead of most people who use pins to attach the plate he just welded the plate to the rails. So all I would need is the frame mounts and fasten them down and I'm set. But like I said above I probably won't ever use it but I will have it if I need it.
I always say that its better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. 6 weeks ago I wouldve never needed a gooseneck. Now, I have a 26ft gooseneck trailer for my hauling needs next year.
Well I was hoping to get it but it has no tailgate or lights, and he is asking 400 and won't come off it and is a 3 hour drive. But when I do get a bed I'm gonna put a gooseneck hitch in it like his set up.
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