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goofy shifting??!! PLEASE HELP

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Hello everybody, i'm new here.
I got an 05 2500 dodge quad with an auto tranny in it. It's got 133,000 miles on it and it seems to be looking for a gear a slow speeds. From a stand still it's in first for like a second and then it seems to go to 3rd and figures out it doesn't need to be in that gear and then down shifts to 2nd. Same thing going around a corner it doesn't know what gear to shift in. It seems ok once it gets goin or if I get on it. But driving around town it shifts like crap.
This is my third 2500 Dodge I had a 99 v10, 98 cummins 24 valve and now this one.
This is drivin me crazy! Are there any known issues with these and if so what are the solutions. None of my other ones did this! PLEASE HELP! Thanks
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Its called shuttle shift, its a common occurence, sometimes easy to fix other times not.

Start out by replacing the governor pressure solenoid and pressure sensor on the valve body. Its the most common culprit.

A shift enahcer like DTT's piec e works quite well also. A shift kit is a great way to eliminate some of these problems.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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