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Good dyno info....

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BMDMAX's Dyno Excuse Generator

Everybody wants to roll a good number on the dyno but it is so much more fun to blame the dyno for less than expected results.....

To that end here are some helpful dyno excuses including a few of my very own favorites:

My truck did not run well on this _____________ dyno (insert your favorite dyno here) because:

1. The rollers were slippery
2. The air was bad
3. I forgot to turn on the box
4. I never lit the turbo
5. It's not a load cell dyno
6. It is a load cell dyno
7. I ran the small box because if the turbos had lit the torque would have thrown the earth off of its axis
8. My heads would have come off
9. Somebody swapped a Ford 6.0 in my truck when I was not looking
10. My tranny was slipping
11. I forgot to lock the TC
12. We dynoed it in ______ (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth) gear
13. I did not have a lift pump
14. I forgot to turn on the lift pump
15. I ran out of fuel
16. I drove the Hemi today
17. I ran the small nitrous jets
18. I ran the big nitrous jets
19. My bottle was empty
20. Somebody was using my propane to run the grill for dyno day burgers
21. My intercooler got hot
22. This dyno reads way low. My schwinn 10-speed normally lays down .3 horsepower and all we could get on this pos is .1!
23. The wrong correction factor was used
24. It was raining
25. Somebody put a bannana in my tailpipe
26. The switch was in the _______ position (left, middle, right) by mistake
27. I had way too much timing
28. We did not have a Tech II
29. My bottle pressure was way too low
30. The wastegate was set to light
31. My airfilter was plugged
32. We only installed the new injectors on one side of the engine
33. I have a stock tranny
34. It is not broken in yet
35. I used crystal meth instead of water meth. You reckon I can get my money back from those crack dealers?

...I stole this...sorry to original poster.:T:
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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