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Good DD turbo

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Ok I'm looking into a new turbo to replace my stock hx35. Was thinking of doing a he351cw for the price. But want to get this thing cleaning up. And if I need to save some money and get something else I will. Mods are in sig. But where I am at with the truck is I have played with the Afc tuning back and forth and she is building boost around 1400 and she will spool up under load to well over 40psi if I let her. But she starts getting hot. 1400-1500 and climbing before I let out and that's overdrive 75-80mph, 2/3 throttle and around 2300rpm and she wants to keep pulling and I'm sure she will. So I am looking for some insight from y'all. Thanks

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A 60/68/.8 is a great option as well. Flows lots for a 60mm wheel

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I have stock 215 injectors, 024 DVs, racked barrels and AFC mods, also maintain around 35psi fuel pressure at WOT. I run a he351cw. It works very well and was pretty cheap. That being said I'm around 475-500hp and it's pretty well spent at this point. If you're looking for 450hp or less, in my opinion there is nothing better than the 351. But if you're looking for more with a single you'll need something else. I will be going compounds so I see no reason to upgrade, but if I wanted to keep a smaller single I'd be looking at the BW FMW 62/68/.83 gated housing. You'll need a few adapters to make it work but they spool quick and flow really well. Should have no problem making 550hp on a 12 valve with it.

By the way unless you want to lower your WOT egts for some reason there's no reason to run a plate on stock injectors. Tune your AFC right and you'll be fine.
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Thanks guys. NC I plan on staying where I am at power wise. I know everyone says it then goes up. But if I am to do that it's going to be a long ways out and have another truck. So I think I'm going to give the 351 a shot. I appreciate the good info and that was my thought on the fuel plate to. I may grind it to a #10 for the hell of it. Where in Carolina you at?

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A lot of people recommend the superb, Aurora 3K, and similar turbos for 4-450hp, and they're all great and work very well. But to me they're not worth $1k-$1500 when I can get a 351 for $400 and do the same thing. People will talk about the high drive pressure they cause but I've found that a lot who say that have never actually measured it, they're just repeating what they've been told. I run mine at 42psi boost and drive pressure has never been past 50psi. I run a homemade spring gate and a 1 inch gate hole. Works wonderful and only cost me MAYBE $600 total.

My truck runs daily driving totally smoke free unless I floor it. It'll run clean even floored until about the last 1/8 of rack travel. After that it smokes pretty god but I'm thinking that's the point that it pulls timing back since I have a 215 pump. Takes my timing from 16* to about 12-13*.

Temp wise daily driving is fine, very rarely over 1000*. WOT I can peg my 1500 pyro, but not till about 85-90mph. To me that's perfectly fine, that's where I usually have to start slowing down anyways cause of the roads around here.

I'm in Franklin, NC. Western end of the state just a few minutes north of the GA line. If you've ever heard of Asheville, I'm about an hour west.
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I know the area real well. I lived in mooresville for 5 years and spent a lot of time in western NC fishing. Have friends in Maggie, robinsville, and N Ga. I was supposed to take the GF up there for the leaf change but was to busy with work. So I'm gunna bring her up sometime in the winter for some snow.

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Wow very cool man! I do heating and air work and we're about to start a couple houses in Robinsville. I got a really good friend that lives in Waynesville too. Leaves haven't been much this year. They just stayed green for the most part till about a week ago and then turned in about a day. Now a lot have already fell. If you come up this winter hit me up when you get here and we'll take the girls out in the trucks or something.
Well good thing work held me back cause I would have been pissed making that trip up there and be let down. Have you heard anything about the new trails over at tellico. I guess it's supposed to be private land like some 4000 acres that butts up to the forest land. I used to fish coming in from the backside in robinsville and hike almost to the ohv area. And I would also ride from the ohv are. So I'm confused to where it actually is. If you get any info let me know
Lol I've never actually been to the ohv park but as far as I know you get to it from Murphy.
Yea you are correct on that. They shut it down two years ago. People where tearing it up and it was getting real bad silt and contamination into the streams and killing the brookies so they shut it down to preserve the ecology. It was Kinda a double edged sword for me being a fisherman and loving catching those wild brookies in the backwaters, then loving to go ride. So I'm hoping this new venture will be good, make it worth loading the trailer with trail toys and driving the 11hrs and having to listen to my pops yell at me cause he can't keep up in his hemi! Lol
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