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Goerend Trans? Who has one? Site says they do not do builds?

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I am looking to have my trans done. Heard a lot about Gorend and read just about every single page on their site as well as sent them an e-mail but I still feel a little confused.

This is a quote from the site: "At Goerends we no longer build full transmissions in house but do supply many customers with quality, time tested components to make your build as robust as possible. You have the option to rebuild it yourself, at a trusted shop, or at a Goerend dealer near you.Call for Details."

So basically you just tell them what your goals are and they ship you the parts right?

I'm out of Michigan, can anyone lead me in the right direction or possibly give me a estimated price who has used Gorend? I planned on used their TC as well.

Any other suggestions of where to go are welcome as well, Gorend is a little pricey but i hear people love them. I DO NOT plan on doing installation myself either.

Thanks, Guys
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I have a goerand tc that I got through DTT. Pricey but well worth it.
I called a month ago and yes they stopped selling fully built transmissions. They did refer me to a shop called Dynotech, which I believe was located in minnesota
Goerend decided to focus on the parts production instead of the building of transmissions almost two years ago, say a year and a half roughly. They got so back logged on units that the waitlist was upwards of three months or more (mine was three) so they decided to basically partner with DynoTech, who builds the transmissions using Goerend parts.

Having talked to Dave and knowing what his reputation is, I don't think he would just put his stamp on any shop; the Goerend name is one of the most respected in the industry, Dave has worked hard to achieve that as have his employees, if Dave says DynoTech is good, I'll go along with that.

That said, I have a Goerend and absolutely LOVE the thing. Mine was built in the last few months that Goerend was still building them, but this thing just keeps going and going and going and going. After the horrible experience with the previous builder, I was kind of iffy with another built trans. This thing runs like the first (of four) from the previous builder should have run. Flawless.

Call up Dave, go over your options, and get in touch with DynoTech (or they may have a local shop they've done business with before) and get 'er done.
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i have one shifts great and holds up just find a good shop to build it and install if you you can't
Thanks a lot guys. I know there's a million trans posts on here, just trying to find the best way to go about getting a Gorend setup!

Once again, if anyone out of Michigan has any input feel free to let me know what you did!
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