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Gm type 2 power steering pump

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Keep going through power steering pumps on my 06. I was wondering if the gm type II pump would fit without any modifications? Open to any other suggestions.
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Both my trucks have 2013+ pumps in them. Did you replace the lines when you replaced the pump? You may have a return line separating inside and causing a blockage and the pump is cavitating.
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You will also need the bracket for the 2013 pump. It is under $20.
You will also need the high pressure line from a 2012 that goes from the pump to the hydraboost. This will give you an oem fit and finish. $100 from dodge.
The 2013 power steering pump fluid reservoir. $70
18" of 3/4 hose approved for atf/power steering fluid (fluid supply line to pump from reservoir)
18" of 5/8 hose (fluid return line from cooler)
I did this to both of my trucks as well as the 6 bolt steering box from dodge.

The Mopar 2013 pump comes with the pulley already installed on the pump. The pulley from the 06 will not work on the newer pump. I also recommend replacing the other high pressure line hydraboost to steering gear while you are in there. As well as flush the cooler. This setup also places your fluid reservoir in a way better spot for adding and checking fluid levels. I got the high-pressure line that goes between gear and hydraboost from

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If your hoses are original i would replace them. It is very likely the problem you are having with the failing pumps. As well as them being from Napa. In the last few years many of the parts stores parts they sell have become sickeningly unreliable low quality China crap. With the large tires you are using the bigger the pump the better. Especially if you decide to upgrade the steering gear to the 6 bolt if you haven't already.
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