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Gloshift Gauges

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whats the story on these gauges I can get a 100 psi fuel gauge 2400 pyro and 35lb boost for 200 bucks 3pod and all... what do you guys think of these gauges
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Don't own them and have never installed any but from reading folk's here impression it seems to be hit or miss.
Some people love them, others have problems.
They haven't been around all that long, might be interesting a few years down the road.
They do seem to stand behind any problems though.

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i got 35 fuel, 60 boost, and 2400 pyro, with a pillar pod. I like them. The only problem I've had with them, is that I can't get them to change color, even directly connected to the battery. Their customer service just keeps talking to me like I'm a retard, and asking if I have the wires right.

They all work other than that though, and still look decent even in the stock red lighted color. Just make sure you put the needle valve (I used a gate valve) in front of the fuel pressure sending unit to keep the gauge from fluttering bad. And mount the same sending unit away from the pump (I just used a 3 foot piece of hydraulic hose) to keep the pump vibrations off the unit. I zip-tied mine up by the drivers side firewall.

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I bought the glowshift and have problems.

Ive checked the wiring about 10 times ..

the guage works intermittent and the change color option worked for about 2 weeks and now is stuck on red.

I won't buy them again.
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