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Getting my 04 CTD this afternoon!

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My 04 2500 CTD will be delivered this afternoon. Hope I'm happy. I'm sure I'll be on here often asking questions.
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I'll post pics later but I got the truck and I love it! Tranny fluid looks clean and new, oil is full but I will change it because I just want to. I briefly looked under the truck and didn't see the oil filter! Where is that dang thing? It's a 4wd which I've never owned so I will need direction about that. The back differential looks dry but I will take pics of the front one and let y'all tell me what you think. What gear oil should I run in the front and back? How many grease fittings does this 04 2500 have? I have tons more questions but will stop with these for now. Thanks!!!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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