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I decided to tackle the nasty tailgate yesterday.

I picked up some IronX. Working on getting more product and tools. I'm friends with the guy who owns Definitive Detail (Wisconsin, I'll grab the Insta later), he does amazing work), and picking his brain a little on products to buy and the right stuff to get. Right now, the only "good" stuff I have is this IronX here. Will be ordering some other stuff soon.

2nd application of IronX

After the IronX, I did the following, using crap I had in my cabinet:
Clay bar (Meguiars kit)
Rubbing compound (by hand, Turtle Wax)
Polishing compound (by hand, Turtle Wax)
Eagle One NanoWax
Surf City Garage spray detailer
Still has a lot of swirls under light but it's 1000x better than when I started.

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