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Gauges installed, trans temp not working?

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I got my 3 isspro's in yesterday. EV1 boost,pyro,trans temp on the pillar. I drove it about 25mi last night and my tranny temp doesn't seem to be working. It's installed in the rear test port using the sender extender. Anything specific that may be causing it? Or is the temp not getting hot enough yet? The gauge stats at 100 and was about 40 degrees outside last night. I'm going to check all wires for power and i had to cut the sender wiring to extend it to reach the tranny so I'll check all that, but I'm pretty sure i got power to everything. It's pouring rain today so it may be a few days before I get to check it.
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Well I got er' fixed tonight. I still had to drill and tap for my pyro, which i did tonight and while doing that my dad check my power wires. I didn't have power like I thought. I had hooked one wire to the cig lighter and then connected the two from the amp boxes to it. The scotch locked i used on the wire to the cig lighter didn't cut through the insulation. Got that fixed and all are working great now. Glad it was simple. I drove for about 20 minutes, city, and saw around 130 max on the trans and 900 max exhaust.
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