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Gauge install!

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how hard will it be to install the boost pyro and trans temp myself what will be the hardest part and is the wiring a b$%ch.
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It isn't that hard at all. Drilling for the pyro and boost gauges is the hardest part in my opinion. Wiring isn't bad. Took me about 4 hours installing by myself.
I am in the process of installing a set in my truck.
Pyro in SRT10 pillar, boost and fuel pressure in dash pod.
I completed the wiring last night, took me about 3 hours for just the wiring. But everything is in looms and properly secured.
I have about 3 hours into making the dash pod fit just like I want it to and painting it.
Probably have another 3 hours to do the under hood work tonight.
Of course your time will depend on your level of anal-ness in the install. My wife says I over do everything. :thumbsup

Overall, not hard or difficult work, just tedious.
I agree with the previous post. It's not as difficult as I thought it would be. But it did take me a couple of days, mostly due to weather and I was having a stereo system installed too! Take your time drilling the exhaust manifold, be sure to use a pen magnet to clean out the shavings. This will take a while. I was real cautious about this.

Also mine took a little longer because I did the dash mount. Post up if you have questions. Diesel manor has some good instructions for the install.:thumbsup

Also use a boost bolt, instead of drilling and tapping the intake manifold (horn)--- it's much easier!
I just installed mine last week:
You can see where I installed the pyro probe. That was a breeze-just took it slow and worked my way up in drill bit sizes.

Only real difficulty now is getting the overhead up a bit more flush to the overhead lining.
Boost bolt? got a link?
Here ya go. This is what I used.

DieselManor - Accessories
I'm too stupid to do that stuff... I took mine to a professional :)
Boost bolt? got a link?
If you order gauges from Genos you get it free...
thanks 2500 cummins ordered 1
The hardest thing in my opinion is tapping into the dimmer switch for the lights. As far as drilling the egt probe I drilled most the way through then dipped my drill bit in grease and started the truck for the final punch through. Blew the shavings right out as you drill.
details on difficultly with dimmer switch tap ? hard to reach or what.
It was the reach and not much play in the wires to. Plus all I had for a connector was a quick snap on ones. So I'd get both wires in the connector, my pliers on, and one wire would fall out. Let me put it this way I drilled and tapped both egt and boost holes in less time than it took to get that dimmer wire hooked.
I just drilled my egt probe today... I got the necessary gaskets from the dealer and dropped the really wasn't that hard... I have the peice of mind knowing NOTHING is gonna screw up my turbo... My gauges don't have illumination wires so a keyed hot wire is all I needed... I think it was well worth the 4 bucks in gaskets and the hour it took to do the install with out risking a damaged turbo... Boost is getting done tomorrow, tapped in to the intake manifold with a boost bolt from TST. Then the fuel pressure gauge will get hooked up with the tapped banjo bolt also from TST.

I took the time to wire the gauges up and mount them in the pillar with some quick disconnects for easy removal. It's really quite simple once you do it.. I've been putting it off for almost 7 months now....Can't believe I was being such a ***** about it..... :beer
So you took the exhaust manifold off?
No...i just took the exhaust loose from the hanger at the tranny...removed the oil line from the turbo to the engine.. then removed the 4 bolts that hold the turbo to the exhaust manifold. Pushed the turbo and everything down as far as it would go, then stuffed a rag inside it. Stuck a peice of cardboard between the manifold and the turbo, and drilled it.... replaced the manifold gasket and the gasket where the oil line meets the turbo
Have pics. of where you put the probe? I was the same way took me three months to do the guages. Finally a buddy of mine who used to work for diesel specialities in omaha, ne talked me into doing like i said earlier. I wanted to drop the turbo remove the exhaust manifold so nothing would get in the turbo too. I did mine 40000 miles ago no problems.
Reaching the dimmer wire

Just pull the front dash panel off where the dimmer is. Use some panel pry tools because a screw driver will scrape the plastic. I didn't do it this way, but was shown this method after I installed mine.

I pulled the knee bolster panel, as well as the metal panel under the plastic. I had lots of room, but the wire (orange with a brown tracer, IIRC) was taught. Careful here there are two wires with this color scheme. Use a test light and the dimmer switch to find the correct one.:thumbsup
has anyone had any trouble with the lenth of wire on the pyros. my and a freind installed a bully dog pyro gauge on his '00 7.3 and the wires on it were WAY TO short. we called bully dog and about 1 hr. later the guy told us to put an extionsion in the wires. we ended up adding another 7ft. has anyone else had this problem????
got the gauges in but still trying to decide to do it or take it in. how much would a gauge install run me more or less.
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