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^^^ What he said! The Diesel Manor instructions are great. You can also call us here at ISSPRO if you run into any issues. Just make sure you have a multi-meter for checking out the wiring you are connecting to. I'm amazed at how many people try to do jobs like these without a multi-meter. I just bought 4 of them at Harbor Freight last night for $2.50 each on a coupon, for stocking stuffers for the people in my family that always misplace theirs. When I was at SEMA a few weeks ago I got a decent one from Sears for $25 to replace the one we broke down there.

Michael Pliska
That's pretty funny as I have done the same thing. I used to manage a bunch of mobile electronics installers. I would take away their cheap test lights and give them one of those $5 meters until they could get a better one.

And I second the EV2's over the EV's.:thumbsup:
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