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I don't know about the Autometer gauges (never had them -they may be longer / deeper) but with the the Isspro gauges I was able to use the brackets that came with them to mount the gauges in the pod although I did "trim" the studs.

On mounting the gauge pod above the rear view mirror:

Did not have the fit problems you are having - Needed some triming to get the pod to conform to the head liner - but no problems with the mirror or it's brakets.

I used the velcro double stick tape and it worked o.k.

A worker at a custom car shop dropped my head liner and built a bracket that attaches to the same brakets as the overhead display - so the double stick tape is no longer needed.

Diesel Manor sells paint that matches the interior DieselManor - Accessories

Good luck,

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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