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How do the gauges get held in the pod? There does not seem to be any way to bolt the gauges in. The long studs in the back of the gauges are too long to let the gauge sit properly in the mount and too short to stick out.
I had the same issue, I wound up testing all of my gauges and then cutting the studs (bad idea if warranty ever comes into play) I used big hose clamps to retain them in the pod since there wasn't enough room for the mounting bracket to fit.

The windshield pod doesn't fit above the mirror. I have a laramie so the mirror has the phone connect stuff. The mirror has a small hump on top and that seems to interfere with the pod. How do I fix this?
The pod should fit above the mirror without touching, I have the bluetooth deal with my mirror and there is a bit of a gap between the mirror and the pod. I did have to trim the pod to get it to the fit the contour of the headliner on both sides. Also I dropped the headliner and 'clamped' the pod to it with screws and fender washers cut in half, no more screwing around with sticky tape except a tad on the front to keep it from rattling on the windshield.

Do I wire power into the dimmer circuit or to 12 volts?

Thanks for any help.
A few of us have picked up the 12v dimmer circuit on the panel lamp feed to the headlamp control switch, I don't have a picture but I think it was either the orange black or orange brown wire.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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