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On my '03, NV-5600, I scotch-taped two pieces of printer paper, together & drew a pattern I wanted to follow. I had to take into consideration the ashtray when it was open, so the shifter would not hit it. Before I removed the shift lever, I marked the position where it screws onto the transmission so I would know where the bends must go.

I took the shift lever to a tube & hose manufacturer & had them bend it like they bend tubes. Everything worked well other than the paint cracked & popped off in the area of the bends. I sandblasted the rest of the lever & painted it silver. Would have liked to have had it chromed but, chrome shops take forever to chrome something. Would have been without the truck with no shift lever!!!

Don't remember the cost of the two bends but it was worth the cost, in my opinion.

Joe F.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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