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g56 SBC problem

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I have a 05 2500 4wd that I put a SBC clutch in and the pressure plate bolts came loose at about 7,000 miles. I thought maybe it was my fault so didn't think much of it, this was a couple years back. My brother has a 08 2500 that he recently put the same clutch in and had his come loose at about 20,000 miles. He also heard of another guy that also had the same thing happen. I was wandering if anyone else has heard of this happening? I'm open to suggestions for what my next clutch should be. the truck has S&B cold air intake, no cat., aero turbin muffler and edge juice.
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No answers for you but mine is making all sorts of racket more than usual. I can be in nuetral and press the clutch in and get two very different tones of chatter and one that makes no chatter at all, all very different noises for each clutch depression. I now they are a loud clutch but this is different and worse than before. I may be in the same boat as you! What were ur symptoms?
Lots off odd noises like you said. Clutch pedal got very stiff and I could barley shift it. If yours is going be prepared to buy an input bearing retainer, throw out bearing and throw out bearing arm! About $350 worth of parts. I was able to reuse my clutch, and got about 30,000 miles out of it.
Did you contact southbend being that you had such low miles? If so what did they have to say? I can probably answer my own question. Lol
red Loctite... did you use it?
I did contact southbend. At the time they thought it may have been a bad slave cylinder and sent another. When that didn't work I had to pull the trans. When I found the pressure plate loose I thought I may have not torqued them right so never contacted them again. On the original install there was thread locker on the bolts. When i reinstalled I put on red locktite. My brother put locktite on his at install time.
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