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G56 Problems

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Ok who is having trany problems? I was driving my truck saturday and lost all gears but 5th gear on the reman i have had so many problems are they that bad or do i just have bad luck.
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which trans do you have the NV5600 or G56 05 had both.
G56 transmission
What do you mean by lost all gears? As in it will only shift into 5th and is blocked in the other gears or wont come out of 5th. There are 2 T60 bolts that go through the side of the case that are pivot pins for the 5th gear fork. Any chance one of them is loose or gone? If you pull the shifter off you should get a good view of the guts of the shift rails.
Mine broke a bunch of the dog teeth off the 3/4 syncro collar.
it goes into every gear but it only moves in 5th
Broken G 56

I haven't been inside a G-56 but 5th gear is 1:1 ratio, which means it goes straight through and doesn't use the counter rotating shaft. Sounds like the counter rotating shaft is broken and won't transfer power in 1st through 4th. Sound like it needs to come out for inspection.
yep it was the counter shaft i have new one in it now back rolling
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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