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Fuse Box Replacement

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This has to be an easy one and I’m over looking something…
I’m currently replacing the fuse box in my engine bay. The previous owner had used a combination of JB weld and silicone to hold it together where it was cracked straight down the center. I’ve found a replacement box that’s in real good shape. Here’s my question. I’ve removed the wire retainers on the back of the fuse panel but can’t seem to get the wires out. There seems to be a small bump that the crimped female ends pass when they get pushed in but they don’t want to press down and release the connector. How do these come out??? I already have limited patience and I don’t want to damage this fuse box.

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Can you pull them from the top side? Otherwise I suspect that there special too for it. Check with Snap On or an auto/diesel electric place. Or maybe a dealer. Maybe get one intact or ask the guys you got that one from.
You need to use a de-pinning tool. Comes in all different configurations, auto supply or Amazon.

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I've used my set more times than I can count. Well worth the money even for the most occasional mechanic.
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