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fuse blowing for trailer brakes

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i keep blowing the fuse for the auxillary trailer brake setup that i have on my truck. i used the harness that came with the truck but after about 3 days of driving it blew the fuse. wondering what could be blowing the fuse? thanks
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Mine did the same thing this summer i i checked all my wires back to the plug didnt find anything wrong there went to put a new fuse in and saw it arc under the fusebox found that the power steering line rubbed through the loom and 3 wires shorting out on it!!! Id check there i dont know the difference between 03 and 05 is. I put new connections and wrapped with a thick rubber hose
thanks a lot ill look
bought a new trailer, same issue, the fact that I drove the old trailer without issue, led me to believe the problem wasnt my truck. got home and replaced plug, was alot of corrosion, and also ist looked like the cable was crushed, either way cuttign the cable and putting on a new plug fixed it.
is this the frist time for brake controler and harnes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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