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some of you may know we just bought an 05 wrangler unlimited. so it came with a hard top and kerry wanted
to sell it so she could pay for her lift and rims / tires. put
the top on craigslist and got a call the next day on it.
gentleman that called's name was mitch. he sounded like
very soft spoken person. he is a md at scott and white hospital in temple. wasnt sure what kind of vehicle
he would show up in. so he calls this evening saying
he was close and i told him i would be outside waiting. got
sidetracked with my 5 year old so i didnt walk right out.
i hear this rumble pull up and then i walk out. well turns out
he drives a 96 12valve quad cab dually with dual 4 inch stacks. so we start bs'ing about dodges and diesels etc...
he never heard of this site before, and his truck is a true
virgin. you know you simply assume that everyone you see
with a cummins knows about this site.. LOL either way, he was a real good guy and loved his truck. had 290k on the clock. i snapped two shots of it in my driveway.

thanks for reading.

No wonder why he hasnt heard of this site with a truck that ugly! :lol4:
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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