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if he was any closer to Alvin, I'd turn it up a little for him
you would happen to go by Forrest Nearing on other sites, would ya? :lol4:

i thought this funny story was gonna end up with you owning the 12valve.

heres my funny story. A female friend and I were cruising the backroads between my families 2 ranches in central texas back over christmas break in my 12 valve. It was 11pm or so. we hadn't seen a soul as usual. we were miles from pavement and a good 25 minutes from a town.

I round a corner on a dirt road and there sits a red 24 valve and about 6 4wheelers. they looked really nervous and uptight so i passed through them and was wondering wtf was going on. I got past them and realized they were probably doing the same thing i was and they all looked roughly my age, 21.

I turned around and went back. We exchanged some whats goin friendly gestures....then i was asked if i was drinking. Why ofcourse, i held up the beer from between my legs. They all started laughing and all their alcohol suddenly re-appeared. we left there 3 hours later and made 7 new friends all between the age of 19 and 23. we all exchanged phone numbers and had a 2 more backroad parties that week.

Not even two weeks later, that red 24valve owner traded me for my 12 valve. (some of you may question my intelligence, but trust me i came out ahead. i got about $2500 in aftermarket stuff when i traded...not to mention a solid dash, good paint, and clutch in better condition)

So, on a dirt road in central texas, i got a new truck, made 7 new life long drinkin buddies, and started a ritual of backroad parties. Thats my funny story.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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