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Fueling with the edge CTS

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I have noticed with my edge CTS tuner on my truck that it doesn't like to black smoke at idol. I am not here asking "oh how do i get more black smoke" I am merely curious of what causes this. With the truck in park or neutral and me revving it up it will only give off a few puffs of smoke compared to my buddies old truck of the same year without an edge and he could produce a nice cloud about the same size weather he was driving or at park. My truck on the other hand will only smoke a lot when I am driving, but at park it will only puff. What causes this to happen. Thanks.
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Maybe he had a bigger injector or a smarty stacked?
His truck was completely stock all he had was a super chips tuner with stock everything. I have a airdog 150 the edge tuner and bigger lines.
Your not going to get more than a puff stabbing it off idle I only get a puff doing that with whats in my sig but stand on it driving and it is a different story
Maybe he had a bigger injector or a smarty stacked?

AirDog 150
Straight pipe 3"
+50HP Injectors
Edge Comp

I can black out the highway behind me... Maybe you need to turn off all the alarms and limits and then turn up the sublevel. Thankfully enough the Edge Comp has none of that limiting stuff...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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