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Fuel Tank SuctionConnection

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Trying to install the Airdog 100. Everything was going well until I went to disconnect fuel tank suction connection. I have been fighting this thing for the last three hours. I can push the ear on top in easily, however I can not get the ear on the bottom to push in so I can pull the hose off to put the new hose for the Airdog on. I have considered pulling the bed, but I would also have to pull the gooseneck hitch off, too. I have consulted Chiltons and Haynes manuals, and they say you have to pull the connections to drop the tank. The tank is full of fuel.

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Anyone have any ideas?
If you are careful you can drop the tank an inch or so so you can get to the ears on the quick connect. Emptying the tank first, of course, would make lowering the tank easier and safer.
push the fitting in, then push the ears in. you may have to get creative with some tools to reach both of them.
Don't have a way to empty the tank, but will give it a shot at dropping the tank an inch or two and try again. Thanks.

the set on the bottom, its made for grabbing a hose, but they work pretty well to push the tabs in.
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im not sure if you got this already but i just did the same thing. before you push the tabs in, push the fuel line towards the tabs and then push the tabs in. might have to wiggle the tabs around when pushing them in. the tabs is a quick connector so the line has to be pushed in for them to release.
Finally dropped the tank down quite a bit. Problem was the tabs were vertical, with one next to the tank so I couldn't get a finger on it to give it a squeeze with the other one. Used a pair of needle nose vise grips and finally got it off. Now I just have to get everything back together do I can drive it to work tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the help here.
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