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fuel tank module connections

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My 2000 had the replacement pump in the tank, but only about 5psi at idle. Pulled the bed, with suggestions from forum help, and was faced with the QD fuel lines and the electrical connector. The fuel lines were explained in the manual with the two latches that just press in and pull the line off, no sweat with the help from the book. BUT, the push button on the electrical connector broke when I pressed it in, and it left me with a problem in pulling the connector. I discovered that I needed my knife to pull up the two small flat skis that go into the connector and when lifted, it un-latched. I have never seen a connector like this one....the latch was inside and had to be lifted upward to loose it. Now I need to figure out how to plumb in new supply line from the module for the new pump. Could not find anything on this nasty connector in the book, on the pump manual sites, nor in the forum, so added this note.
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Are you talking about the fuel connectors on top? If so AirDog and FASS have them, its just a quick fuel disconnect, heck might even find it at autozone in the help section.
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