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Fuel System ?

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hey guys just a quick ?.....if injectors crack or get stuck will it create a fuel in oil problem?....thanks a bunch
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thanks for the exactly does the bad injector introduce fuel into the oil...if anyone can tell me that would be awesome!

thanks a not having any issues yet but im comming up on 90k miles and heard the rumors of bad injectors so im just preping haha...i did scare myself the other day....i was parked on an incline and checked my oil to find it was 2 inches above the full mark.....didnt smell like fuel and i tried the drip test where you take a paper towel and drip a spot of oil on it.....the fuel spreads faster than the oil and u'll see a ring of fuel around a dark spot of oil.....nothing bad there either....parked it on level ground and checked again and she was right on the money.....thanks again guys!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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