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fuel system problems

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I have a 98.5 24v 5speed with single disk Kevlar clutch, 100h inj. raptor 100gph, and edge evo cts, my truck has this problem where when it gets close to 1/4 of a tank the fuel pressure will drop from 25 to the point to where it almost dies( and has died a couple of times) but if I drain the fuel filter and fill it back up and crank it will start right up, but shorly after it does the same, im stuck idk what it is, and im hating being paranoid it might just start doing it randomly, any thoughts??, any at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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there is a fairly well known issue where the sending units go bad and the computer thinks you have a quarter tank left but really you are empty. For now keep it topped off but you will need a new sending unit in all likelyhood. Often a code will show also if you scan your truck
okay thanks!!!!!!!!!! and also I have 1/2 inch lines going to my filter, but stock lines going to injection pump, to I need to upgrade that line to, or no?
When it happens again, bump the starter & listen for the airdog running, if it isn't, that may be an issue.

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