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Fuel Pressure Problems, Please HELP

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I was on my way to work and my fuel pressure went to zero. I stopped let it sit a minute and then started back up and was fine. Then after about 200 feet it went to zero again. I have a small leak coming out of the fuel filter housing where the wire goes into. Was just curious if this is causing it or if its something else. Fuel pressure gauge usually reads aroung 24 psi, now it reads around 18 then drops to 10 then drops to 0.

I have stock vp44, fass pump, adrenaline chip, k&n air filter, 5" straight exhaust.
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...move on to either verifying fuel pressure with a second gauge...

If everything else seems normal (i.e.: the lift pump is running), always getting a second opinion on the fuel pressure using another test gauge before you panic. Don't ask me how I know this. :)

John L.

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