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I've done all I can think of and about to start throwing tools in the garage.

I have a fuel pressure gauge that reads at the injection pump inlet. I have two tanks, one with a FASS pump set to 17 psi, one with a Raptor 100 set to 18 psi. I have a 3/8 polak selector valve that I just bypassed and ran all 1/2 inch lines straight to the filter canister and put new filter in.

Truck has a scaled down bank's power package (air intake, intake horn, exhaust, 6 gun, banks IQ), so probably 475 hp. Under WOT my fuel pressure is still going down to 3-4 psi. Comes right back up as soon as you get off of it.

I busted my on the raptor install putting the 1/2" line to the tank and new straw. Not seeing much more fuel pressure than stock lift pump, now even removed my fuel selector and everything else I can think of from the equation. Truck is a 2006 with 56k miles on it, so things are in fairly good shape.

Truck runs fine, but worried I'm going to cook my injection pump if my fuel pressure gauge is accurate. Dumb and ignorant before I put the fuel gauge in with the superpaq was much happier times.

I have all the 1/2 lines and valves sitting on the work bench and not even sure it is worth putting them on the truck.

And an oh yea, I ran 5/16" return back to tanks just as stock set up. Had a hard time believing that I should not have a return line because Fass and Raptor say so.

Any help will be much appreciated.
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