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Fuel Gauge doesnt work now

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After installing my Drawstraw 1 my fuel gauge doesn't work now. I started my truck and the gauge was way below E and the fuel light came on. After going going up my driveway it went clear to full and the fuel light went off. Before installing my straw i had approx 1/4 tank. The float was not damaged. I did unplug the wire down on the fuel module and then put the red wire on the bottom ear and the blue on the top ear after putting it back together. I drove 10 miles with the gauge not working and then put $20 in it. Light and gauge still didnt work. I drove around town then on the way back home my fuel light went on and now the gauge line is up to 1/8 tank, but I should have more than that especially after putting $20 in it. When I unplugged the wire harness to the fuel module I didnt unplug the batteries. What is causing this problem? Do I need to unhook the batteries for 15 minutes? Could it throw a code somehow?
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Nobody knows? I kow they say they wear out after time but mine was working perfectly well before I done this install.
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