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fuel filter relocation kit?

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What can I find a fuel filter relocation kit? And are they just for the fuel filter or do they come with oil filter with it also?
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they make relocation kits for all the filters on these trucks.
What can I find them at? And are they the fast fuel kit?
These were popular at one time but many people have removed them because they get it the way all the time Prime-Loc Remote Mount Fuel Filter Systems
I've sold many used ones that I've removed over the years but the supply seems to have dried up, guess most have been removed.

People have also found after a couple times that changing the fuel filter is easy.
Trick on your '94 is to remove the two nuts that hold the brake master cylinder to the booster.
Even though it doesn't look like it you can then swing the whole thing towards the hood without disconnecting or bending any lines.
Gives you a ton of room to work.
The brake booster removal works, I do it all the time. As well, I made a metal mounting plate and moved the 2 large electrical wires and plugs over the valve covers. The plugs and wires are very accessible and out of the way of the fuel filter. I also rerouted a few vacuum lines to add more room. I lengthened the wires to the plug at the bottom of the filter so I can use two hands to take it apart instead of using one hand, which is all but impossible. All of these little things made a huge difference.
I looked briefly for a fuel filter relocate kit and didn't find what I wanted. Later when I was having fuel pressure trouble, instead of going through fuel heater delete and changing hoses one by one, I bought a fass fuel pump with two filters and bypassed EVERYTHING factory on the block. One fuel line from the fass pump to the p-pump and filter changes are easy to reach right under the cab along the frame rail. Repriming is easy too.

For the oil filter, I remember some does make a kit for about $200. I thought I could beat that price so I bought the adapter & remote filter head at a local parts store for about $70. Then spent another $100 for brass fittings like nipples & elbows and having 2 oil resistant hoses made up.
If u go this route the threads on our oil filters are 1 inch 16 threads per inch. I went with adapters that had 1/2inch pipe thread openings
Here are a few pictures of my oil filter relocate set up

the filter adapter at the block with fittings to point the lines toward the rear under the turbo oil return line

The remote filter head with fittings to direct the hosed up over the motor mount.

the whole assembly

I had moved my exhaust outside of the frame rail for my 13spd trany conversion. See more about that here

Since the exhaust was no longer between the block and the frame it seemed like a good place to mount the remote filter head.

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