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Fuel filter leak?

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Just changed the oil and coolant for the winter and was all proud thinking I'm done and then noticed what appears to be the fuel filter cannister leaking from underneath. The truck had been turned off for about two hours and there was a drip hanging from the bottom of the cannister on the bolt/nut that is there.

I changed it about 15K miles ago.

Advise please.

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Wipe the drop away. See if it reappears and ensure nothing has worked itself loose.
Is the lid gasket seated correctly ?
Lid screwed on right ?:
I noticed mine has a minor leak as well but haven't gotten around to looking further into it since its not a serious leak. My guess is there's a bad O ring somewhere on one of the ports. Of course the best way to pin point a leak is to degrease and pressure wash the area then check it after letting it run for a bit. Removing the wheel & fender liner will give you the best access.
I found mine loose. I torque it to specs last change, I rescued it and its been fine. Reason I say this is I thought it was leaking from the bottom.
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