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fuel delivery problems ?!i!?

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So I'm out changing the oil / oil filter & thought what the hell? Lets swap out my fuel filter while I'm already dirty, oily & out here in sub freezing temperatures. never done it before but why not?
Slapped it all back together, cranked the engine, cranked the engine, cranked the engine, Nothing!
After doing a little research on here, I came to the conclusion that i just pumped a lot of air into the system..:doh: Fun fun.. So now I'm freezing my as off, thinking I've got to tear through the shed for all my tools to bleed the system. After eating dinner & watching a video or 2, I decided to get it in the morning.
The 1st thing I went for was the banjo fitting on the fuel line, coming from the fuel filter / air separator at the IP ? I'm guessing. Popped it loose. Had a nice little diesel fountain going on while I tightened it up. Cracked open the fuel lines at #1 & #4 injectors. Turned the key over & bumped the starter a few times in a timely manner so the pump could drain out the air at the injectors. Wasn't getting anything, ran it about 10 times. Thats about the time I notices the banjo fitting had a little drop of fuel about to drip off of it. Decided I'd so go ahead & try and bleed that again since I wasn't getting anything at the injectors. As I was tightening the banjo back up I'm guessing I went 1 turn two many..Snap! Popped it right off.
Now I've got to figure out how to replace the line. not to mention getting out the broken threads that are in a part that I don't even know what it is called??

Oh & Still bleed the system to get it started... :banghead:

Does anybody know what the part is called that I'm referring too?
how to fix the busted fuel line?
How to properly bleed the system? ----- ( only video link I could find was some Hawaiian bleeding his system, that's converted to bio-diesel )

Thank you in advance & I'm sorry for dragging this out...

1999 24V 5.9 Cummins
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Just found out that the little banjo screw i demolished just so happens to be this guy 5011806AA Can anybody tell me how a bolt w/ a hole in it should cost $50?

and that's 1 that is on sale .... So they say....

damn dodge dealer parts guy still couldn't tell me what it's going into though .... oh yay!!

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It's an overflow valve into the injection pump. You'll have to extract the rest of the bolt with a basic extraction bit set. After you get it out, replace it (obviously), and tighten up everything. Go back and crack the injector lines and keep going. It should start. If it's air locked, it'll take some time.
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