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fuel and rail

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fuel pressure and rail pressure, which guage would be more important for running a powerpuck and say a smarty down the road? whats the diff and how do u install both?
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think of fuel pressure as line pressure from the tank to the pump (CP3 in our case)
-i dont know about the puck, but with the smarty turned up, you can pretty much guarantee you showing 0 p.s.i. at WOT. this is why an auxiliary pump ( F.A.S.S.) is good insurance against any modded cummins.

rail pressure is collective pressure between your injection pump (CP3) and the injectors. it is very important to monitor! if you ever hear of someone referring to "draining the rail", they mean dropped rail pressure. this means the injectors are consuming more fuel that the injection pump is able to keep up with, causing a loss in rail pressure.
that's why this bad boy kills two birds.... mine is on the way, supposed to be a snap to install too!

-i hope i got all that right :0, help me if i'm off gents LOL

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