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FSM pinout wrong? fixing P0243 in an 05

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I have to error codes on my truck (a 2005 Ram2500) - P0243 and P0480. This summer, I replaced the wastegate solenoid, and the fan clutch wiring had to be re-worked because it got caught in the fan blade (that was the resultof a repair I had a shop do to replace the fan clutch the previous summer - the wiring worked its way into the path of the fan blade).

I still have both error codes, and the shop will still warranty the work on the fan clutch to correct the P0480 code, but I wanted to be sure there wasn't a complication from the wastegate solenoid that was a contributing factor.

Yesterday, I stepped through the wastegate solenoid P0243 diagnostic procedure from the FSM. I traced and verified every step of the path from the wastegate solenoid connector back to the fuse block (this is an '05, so it should be PRE-TIPM - it should not have the complicated TIPM from the '06 and later trucks).

When everything is assembled, I cannot measure from the fuse location (36) to the pin on the wastegate solenoid. However, I can measure a connection from the wastegate solenoid to the C5 connector (its Blue, not Black as the FSM states) and its pin 25 (not pin 26, as the FSM states). I can also measure a short from Fuse 36 to the C5 pin 25 socket on the fuse block. BUT, when everything is connected, I do not get a measurement from Fuse 36 to the wastegate connector pin. I unwrapped everything in the wiring loom alongside the battery, between C5 of the fuse block and C130 - what I found was a continuous wire for that length, too, which surprised me as the FSM says there should be a splice (S140) in that path.

I'm stumped...
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Its difficult to fully grasp your situation but I'd go with what the FSM says. Just a week ago I had a (self caused) wiring issue and I resorted to the FSM for pinouts and wire routing. I followed it exactly and was able to find my problem and correct it. If there's supposed to be a splice somewhere, well, I don't know your skill level but I would put one in one way or another! Oddly enough my problem also involved splices that I was missing. Good luck nonetheless, keep at it and you'll figure it out
What's strange is that it doesn't tell you where s140 leads to, normally it'll indicate that. It's all the same circuit so if one length of wire connects everything then, yes, I guess if there's not an issue then best leave it be. I haven't had problems with the FSM but maybe that splice is for another trim package or something of that nature.
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