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FSM pinout wrong? fixing P0243 in an 05

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I have to error codes on my truck (a 2005 Ram2500) - P0243 and P0480. This summer, I replaced the wastegate solenoid, and the fan clutch wiring had to be re-worked because it got caught in the fan blade (that was the resultof a repair I had a shop do to replace the fan clutch the previous summer - the wiring worked its way into the path of the fan blade).

I still have both error codes, and the shop will still warranty the work on the fan clutch to correct the P0480 code, but I wanted to be sure there wasn't a complication from the wastegate solenoid that was a contributing factor.

Yesterday, I stepped through the wastegate solenoid P0243 diagnostic procedure from the FSM. I traced and verified every step of the path from the wastegate solenoid connector back to the fuse block (this is an '05, so it should be PRE-TIPM - it should not have the complicated TIPM from the '06 and later trucks).

When everything is assembled, I cannot measure from the fuse location (36) to the pin on the wastegate solenoid. However, I can measure a connection from the wastegate solenoid to the C5 connector (its Blue, not Black as the FSM states) and its pin 25 (not pin 26, as the FSM states). I can also measure a short from Fuse 36 to the C5 pin 25 socket on the fuse block. BUT, when everything is connected, I do not get a measurement from Fuse 36 to the wastegate connector pin. I unwrapped everything in the wiring loom alongside the battery, between C5 of the fuse block and C130 - what I found was a continuous wire for that length, too, which surprised me as the FSM says there should be a splice (S140) in that path.

I'm stumped...
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Using a test light ??
FSM is full or errors and and IMO Dodge used whatever colors/wires available.
So if your sure proper circuit then I would not sweat it.
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Yeah, certain test require test light to function properly
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