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Ok my dad has decided that he wants to sell his truck. We have to many and need to thin the herd. This is what he has.
2008 3500 4x4 QC C&C
G56 (6 spd manual) trans
Less than 70,000 miles (can't remember exact number)
SLT with manual locks and windows
Has a really nice CM flatbed on it, fully skirted with 4 underbody boxes, and has recessed trough for gooseneck.
Interior is in great shape, no dents or dings anywhere on outside.
Also has just a brushguard over the factory bumper.
All stock no mods at all, regular oil changes and maintenance, Its not an abused truck.

Here's the deal, my dad wants to get rid of it but he's not looking to make anything off of it, that's just how he is, he just wants somebody to take it for what he still owes. He only owes a little over $17k for the truck. I don't know how much over so Im just gonna list the truck for $18k. That's less than I paid for my 07.5 with double the miles! So somebody can get a heck of a deal!

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to pm me or text or call at 936-870-6three8three

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