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Front Turn Signal Not Working

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So I have a 2011 3500 with a 6.7, I have been struggling with a front right turn signal (mirror and rear signals work fine) issue for a while now, when turning on the right turn signal every first time from key "off" to "on" the flasher will pulse normally about 6 times then throws a RF turn signal malfunction code on display and flasher pulses faster and will stay this way until key off then resets this scenario all over. bulb is fine (checked it and also replaced it), replaced the multi function switch, swapped bulb socket from right pass to driver side to rule that out. using a multi meter I did notice the driver side blinks at 12.2 volts while pass side is only 9.6 to 10 volts but will not illuminate the bulb at all, ground in the bulb holder is good and is also the same ground used for running light which works fine. Cant seem to find any info on a control module for this year truck, internet gurus have pointed to the TIPM but I replaced that about five years ago with a new from dodge unit when my truck became possessed by demonic spirits which did crazy things o_O
Any insight with a direction to go next would be greatly appreciated, THANK YOU!
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Quad or dual housings, and have you done anything in terms of replacing with LEDs or adding resistors anywhere to run LEDs, either front or rear

Also tagging @Jimmy07 since he is a wizard on this electrical stuff
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