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Front hub removal

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2001 24 valve 5.9 3500 flatbed 4wd. Discovered the front right u-joint is sloppy to took it to a shop for repair. They never did get the hub removed. After they banged on it a while, I told them to sew it up. It drives ok, but I know it is just a short time before the joint breaks. Any practical suggestions as to how you guys remove these hubs?
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just did the same job.

Well I'm glad this article was here. I was sure that the hub was either welded together or a cast 1 pc unit. but after a lot of penetrating oil and persuasion.. it came apart.

I found a great use for a reverseable welding clamp (so it pushes instead of squeeze) I pushed against the socket on the bolts holding the hub on and against the frame of the truck.. it really helped.

thanks again for the informative post.


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