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Front hub removal

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2001 24 valve 5.9 3500 flatbed 4wd. Discovered the front right u-joint is sloppy to took it to a shop for repair. They never did get the hub removed. After they banged on it a while, I told them to sew it up. It drives ok, but I know it is just a short time before the joint breaks. Any practical suggestions as to how you guys remove these hubs?
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yeah, we cheated at the dealer, loosen the bolts but leave them in , only sticking out like 1/2"-3/4", put a socket on it w/ a bunch of extensions, with the wheel turned, wedge the extension up against the frame or somewhere. start the truck and turn the wheel, use the powersteering to break the hub free. do so carefully, and you'll have to do it on a few bolts. again, go easy, you dont want to break the hub.
are you trying to get the extension off, or the whole hub

this is a single wheel front hub.

the one on the left is the dually adapter (basically a spacer)

which are you trying to get off
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not my finger, stole the pic lol, but, those 4 studs w/ nuts (some years are bolts) are the ones you want to leave loose and put the extension on.
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