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Front hub removal

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2001 24 valve 5.9 3500 flatbed 4wd. Discovered the front right u-joint is sloppy to took it to a shop for repair. They never did get the hub removed. After they banged on it a while, I told them to sew it up. It drives ok, but I know it is just a short time before the joint breaks. Any practical suggestions as to how you guys remove these hubs?
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Thanks for the response. Be patient, as I only was watching as they were disassembling the unit. Do you remove the hub extension, then reinstall the nuts partially? You won't be able to get a socket on the nuts without removing the extension, as they had to use a large open end wrench to get them off. Just for clarification.
OK, from what I saw, they removed the wheel and tire, and the disk rotor. Under that they removed 8 nuts with a wrench and removed what I would consider an extension, leaving 8 lug type bolts sticking out. They removed the shaft nut and beat the devil out of the back of the unit, but it didn't budge. It looks like the one your finger is pointing to. Thanks for your response. And to answer your question, I have to get the entire hub off in order to change the universal joint on the 4wd.
Would it help, or be possible to put a sacrificial nut on the 4 bolts sticking out and hit on them directly?
Roger that. I'll try it tomorrow evening and let you know. Thanks again.
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