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Remember that is only bearings!!! That is why it is so cheap. If you want to go that way then it is all yours. I bought the NAPA because everything is brand new, and a full unit.

The green store and Vatozone cut corners like that, but it saves people money. I wouldn't call it a bad part, I don't like being cheap on my truck when I can get a brand new unit.

Also before you do that, there was a service announcment on the stock Dodge hubs saying they CAN fail under extreme heat. Even though I have not heard of that happening, NAPA claimed to fix the problem with their updated hub.
Hey. just wondering, did you think about using the EMS hub conversion? You can unlock your whole front end & bearings last forever because they are the conventional style, if one did go bad though they are only about $40 bucks & basic hand tools.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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