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Front end

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Hey guys I have an 08 3500 srw and wondering what to do about the front end. I recently had thuren 3inch lift installed. I also upgraded the front steering to the T-style. Installed a new carli steering stabilizer and also had a redhead gearbox installed. The truck drove great for two weeks. But now the steering just feels loose. A bump in the road will cause the truck to go that direction. The highways here have a slight crown to them and can be uneven and it just feels like the truck is all over now. Ball joints are a year old with maybe 20,000 miles on them. Never had a problem before until I did all the work to it. Also it has new toyo r/t 35x12.5x18 on and they were balanced after the front work was done.
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I've checked the nut seems to be right and the ball joints are napa brand but cant grease them. The little bolt in the grease hole is stripped so I cant get it out
No I didn't align to thurens specs I was dealing with two separate shops and in a hurry at the time. After doing more research and contacting thuren is when I found their recommended alignment specs.

I also read about the steering stabilizer and how they recommended certain ones. When I emailed thuren support they said the carli was a terrible one to use. At the time though I couldn't find theres. Isn't the carli stabilizer the same as thurens. I believe it is a IFP stabilizer just like thurens.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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