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Front end

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Hey guys I have an 08 3500 srw and wondering what to do about the front end. I recently had thuren 3inch lift installed. I also upgraded the front steering to the T-style. Installed a new carli steering stabilizer and also had a redhead gearbox installed. The truck drove great for two weeks. But now the steering just feels loose. A bump in the road will cause the truck to go that direction. The highways here have a slight crown to them and can be uneven and it just feels like the truck is all over now. Ball joints are a year old with maybe 20,000 miles on them. Never had a problem before until I did all the work to it. Also it has new toyo r/t 35x12.5x18 on and they were balanced after the front work was done.
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What kind of ball joints? If they're moog, there are two lines - OEM replacement and heavy duty. Also there are splined and non-splined models in each line. If that wasn't the first ball joint replacement, and the ones which came out were splined, you have to stay with splined ball joints or dimple the control arms. It's rare for them to go bad in only 20k but it's not unheard of. I'm assuming you're keeping them greased if they have zerk fittings. If not, then that maybe makes it a tiny bit more likely they're shot.

Check the nut on the pitman arm; another thread recently the guy has his pitman arm locknut keep backing off and his steering was all over the place. It was the right part, but sounded like it wasn't fitting perfectly or the "lock" part of "locknut" wasn't cutting the mustard.

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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