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Front end parts list help!!!!!

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I got the truck looked at today and i need the following parts. Can someone direct me to a good place to buy them the shop wanted a ridiculous amount for parts.

Upper ball joints
Lower ball joints
Tie rod at pitman arm
Right side tie rod
Both hub bearings

Also if anyone knows a fair priced shop in albuquerque to do the work it woud be helpful. Thanks in advance
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Truck details ?

What do you consider a ridiculous amount ?
What were you getting for that ridiculous amount ? Brand specific.

There you go.
Buy the parts and do it yourself.
Not very hard at all. Take a solid full day if you never did it before.

A quality set of ball joints alone can set you back about 700.00 (Carli's or Dyna)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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