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a couple of weeks ago i thought i heard what sounded like the instant a front tire goes flat. it wasn't a flat and the noise went away within 30 seconds while continuing down the highway. ever since then i've thought i can hear an almost unnoticeable u-joint like knock coming front the front end. i decided to pick up the front wheels last night and do the usual push, pull, spin of each front wheel to see if a wheel bearing has any noise or play in it.

no bearing failure symptoms but when i hand rotate either wheel there is the slight sound of five knocks in sequence coming from the carrier or the drive shaft. what the heck is this and do i need to worry about it? i really wish that stuff didn't have to needlessly spin all the time without spending the money spyntec or dynatrac kit.

btw, all the fluids are perfectly normal and there is barely any metal silt on the carrier's plug magnet.
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