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Does anyone out there know where a comparison table is for front coil spring specs?

I've been looking around trying to find one and all I see out there are charts for the older trucks and not the newer part numbers. It appears that FCA changed the part number / build codes to something different making it harder to figure out what springs are under the truck today and if there are any factory upgrades that I can get easily.

I have a 2012 MC dually with a ranch hand full replacement bumper. It feels like I'm bottoming out when I go over repeated bumps on the highway and the front just feels uneasy. I've already ordered new shocks but the more I look at the truck, the more it seems like the front springs just aren't strong enough to cover the weight.

There are a bunch of aftermarket spring sites, but I don't know if I want 2600lb springs or the 5000lb springs without knowing what I have today.

I have a tag on my current passenger side that has the following numbers on it.

There is this site with the older spring rate breakdown
Dodge Ram 4WD truck front spring specifications
But it doesn't have the newer specs or part numbers listed.

This page has more information about upgrading the size but it still doesn't cover the new springs
Ram springs with heavy winch bumpers

This page has a different part number for the snow plow prep that ends in 986AA - Part number 52113986AA.

But I can't tell if anyone has a chart that would tell me the difference between a 68050568AA and a 52113986AA

It has a bunch of numbers from the 3rd gen part numbers but not the 4th gen part numbers.

My front end is sagging but I don't really want a lift kit. I'd just as soon have a heavier stock length spring because I like the rake in the truck, I just think the rake I have right now is excessive and I don't like the way the front end feels. I had an '07 3500 QCLB SRW and never had the same kind of issue as I have with this '12 MC Dually.

I hope someone out there has some insight. I'd like to get a heavier spring, but I'm stumped at the moment and my dealer is about 3 shades of useless from my current experience with them.

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So far there are a bunch of options, but I can't see how they correlate to actual spring rates. I did find it interesting that the spring part number on the tag on my passenger side isn't even listed for the 2012 3500 when you search by that model on this particular site. It shows on the list for 2011 2500s though. I don't have a tag on the driver side any longer but I'm starting to wonder if this was an early year model build with leftover parts.

Part Number Name Description
52121622AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZAD, ZND 2011 2500
52122559AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZPA, ZBA 2011 2500
68050553AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZEH, ZTH 2011 2500
68050554AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZEG, ZTG 2011 2500
68050555AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZEF, ZTF 2011 2500
68050556AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZEE, ZTE 2011 2500
68050557AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZED, ZTD 2011 2500
68050562AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZEB, ZTB 2011 2500
68050563AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZNF, ZAF 2011 2500
68050564AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZEA, ZTA 2011 2500
68050565AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZNE, ZAE 2011 2500
68050568AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZNC, ZAC 2011 2500
68050569AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZNB, ZAB 2011 2500
68050570AA Coil Spring RAM 2500, 3500; CODE ZNA, ZAA 2011 2500
68050572AB Coil Spring RAM 3500; CODE ZFK, ZUK 2012 3500 list
68050576AA Coil Spring RAM 3500; CODE ZFG, ZUG 2012 list
68050577AA Coil Spring RAM 3500; CODE ZFH, ZUH 2012 list
68050579AA Coil Spring RAM 3500; CODE ZFF, ZUF 2012 list
68050580AA Coil Spring RAM 3500; CODE ZFE, ZUE 2012 list
68050581AA Coil Spring RAM 2500; CODE ZFD, ZUD 2012 list
68050582AA Coil Spring RAM 2500; CODE ZFC, ZUC 2012 list
68050584AA Coil Spring RAM 2500; CODE ZFA, ZUA 2012 list
68068585AA Coil Spring RAM 3500; CODE ZFB, ZUB 2012 list

The Perfect Mopar Part For Your Vehicle - SUSPENSION COMPONENTS for 2012 Ram 3500

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Take the truck and get it weighed. Ideally each tire individually but most places can't do that so just look at front and rear axle and divide by 2. Then you have most of the information you need to design your own coil. Free height of the coil you can get from your current ones, then if you measure delta from ride height to free height you can figure out your stock coil rate. Then to get to what coil rate you want next is to raise the truck to the height you want it and see what the delta is from free height. Call up coil spring specialties on the east coast and say build me coils with these specs.

That answers what you want ... however ... once you have the weight on the front axle I might give Aaron a call over at Thuren. Reason is this ... thuren coils are softer yes but have a larger free height. So you might end up with the same result ride height at the end of the day with Thuren coils but have a much softer coil rate and thereby giving you a better ride. Stiffer coils is not the direction I would be trying to go personally.

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Thanks for the info tgibbs. I bought this truck to eventually set it up with a truck camper and tow a trailer so that is why I'm looking for a bit more capacity than what it has today regarding the stiffer spring. It is bottoming out unloaded so I'm not sure what it will do if I actually load it down.

I'm not opposed to a custom spring but I need more information before I'm ready to make that jump. I will look at Thuren and the other major manufactures before jumping.

Thanks again guys,

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Rhinopkc - I sent an email to the Dodge customer support group and they sent me my build sheet last night. It still doesn't answer my questions but at least I have this info now.

Sales Code Description
MJ Premium Cloth Bucket Seats
V3 Dark Slate/Medium Graystone
ADA Luxury Group
ADB Protection Group
AHQ Max Tow Package
AL1P Lone Star Regional Package
APAS Monotone Paint
BABS 160 Amp Alternator
BCNS 730 Amp Maintenance Free Battery
BRTS Anti-Lock 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
CACP Bucket Seats
CBZS Prem Vinyl Door Trim w/Map Pocket
CGDS Front Height Adjust Shoulder Belts
CGSS Supplemental Side Air Bags
CG3S Advanced Multistage Front Air Bags
CJ1S Supplemental Frt Seat Side Air Bags
CJ2P Supp. Side Curtain Frt/Rr Air Bags
CKES Floor Covering Carpet
CLES Front & Rear Floor Mats
CSPS Driver/Passenger Assist Handles
CSXP Rear 60/40 Split Folding Seat
CU3S Behind the Seat Storage / Bin
CV1S Chrome Accent Shift Knob
CV2P Overhead Console w/Garage Dr Opener
DBAC All Automatic Transmissions
DG7 6-Spd Automatic 68RFE Transmission
DJES 5,500# Front Axle w/Hub Ext
DK3S Elec Shift-On-The-Fly Transfer Case
DMEP 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio
DRXS 11.50, Dual Wheels Rear Axle
DSAS Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle
DS7S Conventional Differential Frt Axle
ETJ 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine
GACS Tinted Glass Windows
GFES Rear Power Sliding Window
GNCP Sun Visors w/Illum Vanity Mirrors
GNKP Rear View Auto Dim Mirror
GNMS Passenger Side Sun Visor w/Mirror
GPGS Power Black Trailer Tow Mirrors
GVBC All Vehicles W/Power Mirrors
GXMS Remote Keyless Entry
GXXS Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System
HAAS Air Conditioning
HGBS Dash Liner Insulation
HGFS Floor Tunnel Insulation
JATS Instrument Cluster w/Display Screen
JBYS Instr. Panel Color Keyed Bezel
JCBS 120 MPH Primary Speedometer
JFJS Temperature & Compass Gauge
JHAS Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers
JJBS Dual Note Electric Horns
JJJS 12V Auxiliary Power Outlet
JKVP 115V Auxiliary Power Outlet
JKYS Power Accessory Delay
JPBS Power Locks
JPWP Power Lumbar Adjust
JP3S Pwr Front Windows, 1-Touch,Up & Down
JRTP Power 10-Way Driver Seat
LAZS Vehicle Information Center
LBCP Glove Box Lamp
LCES Rear Courtesy/Reading Lamps
LDAP Underhood Lamp
LEBP Ext. Mirrors w/Supplemental Signals
LECP Exterior Mirrors Courtesy Lamps
LETS Traveler/Mini Trip Computer
LE4P Black Exterior Mirrors
LHEP Rear Dome w/On/Off Switch Lamp
LMES Halogen Quad Headlamps
LMGS Automatic Headlamps
LNCS Clearance Lamps
LNDP Box & Rear Fender Clearance Lamps
LNJP Fog Lamps
LPES Cargo and CHMSL Lamp
MBFS Bright Rear Bumper
MCMS Body Color Headlamp Filler Panel
MCTS Bright Front Bumper
MDAS Front License Plate Bracket
MENS Front Wheel Spats
MF1P Bright/Bright Grille
MGAS Ram's Head Badge
MNES Body Color/Chrome Door Handles
MPGP Cummins Turbo Diesel Badge
MPLS Black-Out Tape
MPPS Rear Wheel Spats
MRT Chrome Tubular Side Steps
MT7S Ram 3500 Badge
MUSS 4X4 Badge
MXBS Front Air Dam
MYGP Lone Star Badge
MZPP High Output Badge
NAS 50 State Emissions
NENP Diesel Exhaust Brake
NFUS 34 Gallon Fuel Tank
NHBP Transmission Oil Cooler
NHJP Exterior Mirrors w/Heating Element
NHMS Speed Control
NHNP Electronically Controlled Throttle
NHTP Dual Transmission Oil Cooler
NMCS Heavy Duty Engine Cooling
NZCP Current Generation Eng Controller
PDM Mineral Gray Met. Clear Coat
QDMS Mineral Gray Met. Clear Coat
RAAC All Radio Equipped Vehicles
RCGS 6 Speakers
RDDP Fixed Long Mast Antenna
RDZP Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Ctrls
RESS Radio 130
RSCS SIRIUS Satellite Radio
RSP Uconnect Voice Command w/Bluetooth
RSUP Audio Jack Input for Mobile Devices
RSXP Remote USB Port
SBES Power Steering
SCVP Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
SFBS Front Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
SGBS Rear Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
SHAS Front Stabilizer Bar
SUAS Tilt Steering Column
TBBS Full Size Spare Tire
TBMS Tire Carrier Winch
TPYS LT235/80R17E BSW All Season Tires
TZEP General Brand Tires
WD4S 17X6.0 Steel Chrome Clad Wheels
WF1S 17" Steel Spare Wheel
WLAS Dual Rear Wheels
WLYC All Steel Wheels
WMGP Bright Wheel Skins
WMJP Center Hub
XAP Power Adjustable Pedals
XBMP Remote Start System
XBNP Tip Start
XBSS Pickup Box
XCMP Vendor Painted Cargo Box
XEAS Tow Hooks
XEFP Transfer Case Skid Plate Shield
XFHS Class IV Receiver Hitch
XFKS 7 Pin Wiring Harness
XFUS Trailer Tow w/4-Pin Connector Wiring
XGDP Universal Garage Door Opener
XHCS Trailer Brake Control
XJJS Locking Tailgate
XJ8S Body Color Fuel Filler Door
XLNS English/USA Language
X8ZS Seat Parts Module
X81S Instrument Panel Parts Module
X82S Door Parts Module
X83S Front End Parts Module
X9AP For More Info, Call 888-539-7474
X9BP 1-Yr. SiriusXM Radio Service
YAAS Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications

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When is it bottoming out? You just have a big front bumper on the truck? 3500 so you have leafs in the back so you are talking about front coils right? I'm just surprised as your not the only one that has a big bumper and tows trailers so maybe the bottoming is at a point where he suspension is doing what it's supposed to be doing.

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It bottoms out quite frequently. It does it when I cross over the sidewalk into my son's daycare each day, it bottoms out when it starts an oscillation cycle going down highway 49 in louisiana where the expansion joints cause an up and down rocking and it hits the bump stops (this can go on for a while unless you adjust speed or ). It bottoms out on rough bridge transitions here in Dallas.

All of this is when it is unloaded and not towing a trailer. I'm sure if I had a load in the bed it wouldn't be quite as bad and would probably take some weight off the front.

Completely unloaded, including absent of tools since I just got it back from the dealership again, I crawled under it last night and I only have 1.5" - 1.75" of free space between the front axle and the front factory bump stop and that is after I installed the Bilstein 5100s yesterday. I'm sure there was less when it settled with the stock shocks. The factory passenger shock was starting to weep some oil at 34,000 miles.

I didn't get a chance to measure sag last night, I didn't have enough time after putting the front end back together. I had a unit bearing go bad on the drivers side so it has been on jack stands for a few days while I sourced all the tools and parts.

I'm pretty confident that it is under sprung or at least sprung for ride and not for loading heavy. This isn't my first ram 3500 and this one is the 9th one my close family but it is the first one that rides like this. That is why I am trying to get details on the springs from the factory. They did it for the 2nd gen part numbers, it just hasn't been done for the 4th gen yet.

I'm pretty confident after what I measured last night I'm going to get springs pretty soon. I just don't know if I'm going to go heavier stock height or go with a more standard 2" leveling spring to pick the front end back up. I will have airbags on the rear when I get ready to haul heavy again but right now they aren't necessary.

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Wow that's sagged really bad.

Hooking a gooseneck up is going to increase weight on the front axle actually.

It sounds like those coils are beyond toast to the point I wouldn't use those as a data point for building new springs off of. Sounds like a bad coil or one with tons of miles and are just flat worn out. I don't know about your area but around here people just give the stock coils away. I would try new stockers prior to building your own. Just to make sure you get what you want on the first try.

The stiffness of the coil doesn't dictate it's life cycles

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Yeah. It is a pretty extreme example and I'm just not sure why. That is why I was trying to get some data on the stock part numbers to see if I could get some that were a bit stronger in the stock range like the cab and chassis springs to counter the bumper and still be better than say a 2500 coil.

I've only had the truck about 6 weeks and bought it used like it sits. I'm just trying to fix a few shortfalls like this one. It is a big one though that can be fixed for not a lot of money.

Thanks for the help.

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Good luck! I would definitely hit up Aaron at thuren once you weigh the front axle, he's a good dude and will tell you straight up if what they have will work or not

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Rhinopkc, when I measured like that with my factory bump stops in I only had 1.5-1.75" of space between the axle and the bump stop. I did not make that measurement when it was up on jacks.

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Im in the same boat with my 3rd gen , it bottoms out all the time and I got a factory bumper. I got 3-3/8" like rhinopkc measured , 1-1/2" between rubber and axle.

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Your stock coils are sagging. If you just put in some new coils and shocks, your ride will greatly improve. Springs don't last forever, especially under the crushing weight of a Cummins.

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Yea I got some 3" carli coils sittin here just waitin on my 4" atlas leafs to show up and we wont have to worry about the stock stuff anymore. I need to get shocks though.

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When I installed my 1800# popup on mine the front end would bottom out easily. I've got some Kore VR ones in there now which work well with the camper weight. Don's Stage two and three help heaps too.
The 3rd gen springs are softer than my 2nd gens.

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I measured earlier today and have 3.5" on the driver side from the axle to the lip of the bump stop bucket and 3 and 5/8 on the passenger side. I understand that springs don't last forever but as of yesterday I finally tripped 36,000 miles on the truck. It aged out of its warranty.

guess I need to figure out which springs I want to buy to fix this problem.

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I might go with the Tuftruck HD leveling springs on mine.

Tuftruck TTC-1216 HD Coil Spring Kit 94-13 Dodge Ram 2500, 3500 4WD

I think the weight of my bumper and winch will settle them down a bit and they should put me ahead of the game for when I add on a truck camper. I'll have airbags on the rear then.

I can't find a negative review on these springs. Seems like everyone that tossed them on knew the ride would be a bit more stiff and they actually like it that way. I tend to prefer a firmer ride as well, personally.

Still haven't ordered anything, and I'm up for other suggestions but these seem to be a solid bang for the buck with no real downsides aside from a stiffer ride. My soft and plush ride now sucks when it bottoms out hard. I can deal with something slowing it down before bottoming out.
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