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Friendly race

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Well i was heading down to rual king in columbus to check out some low pro tool boxes so i can get my stack lower. anywho im at a light on 252 and 31 (for those who dont live in indiana disregard) and a 2nd gen cummins pulls up next to me, i take off he takes off, i shift into 3rd and i hear him hit it, sooooo i stand in it. we ran till i hit 100, and i let out, he goes by and then slows down i notice hes got an S&R diesel concepts sticker, which is where i get my stuck and help out when needed. he yells out the window 6.7 i said yep and he just nods and what not. Those are the kinds of races i like just a friendly competetion. Just thought id share and if that guys on here you have a nice sounding truck.
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Sounds like a good time :thumbsup
gotta love the friendly races, i think of those as "lets black everything out":lol3:
Yea pretty much, we prolly shut it down.
I can't ever get anyone to race me..:(
probably not a bad thing since fuel is 4.70 a gal.
I love the diesel brotherhood:beer
fuel went down so let the races begin!!
Was it that ugly brownish green one with the Black bottom on it??
or was it red w/ kind of a rusted bumper?
red beat up 2nd gen with an stack at a tip and S&R dieselconcepts stick.
It's good to see friendly competition out there, I hate sore loosers!:CRY:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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