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Fresh paint

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Hey Im wanting to see some fresh painted first gens. to get an idea of what its gonna look like! Please post some pics lets see what ya got!:thumbsup:
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Look at this master file of pics I have.

1st gen master pictures by 1958johndeere620 - Photobucket

that lifted blue and white dually is AMAZING!!

dont get much fressher then this. lol
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that lifted blue and white dually is AMAZING!!
Hell yeah it is.. That thing is bad to the bone.

Looking at those pictures ive come to a conclusion. If i ever change the color of my truck, it will be all white with the black moulding. Thats soo sweet.
When I get my truck painted, this is the color I'm going to use.

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Why didn't you cover the tires while painting?
Someone posted that pic here a week or so ago and I just stole the picture. Im good at stealing them.
i like the background in that pic "scratch coming soon" Says it all!
hey that pic looks familiar . . .

i want one of those buckets up here, would make traffic a breaze
that lifted blue and white dually is AMAZING!!
:agree2:I agree it nice:shock: and that front loader one is iteresting:confused013: we aint got that kind of stuff down in south Texas
Truck with loader is from the Glenwood area in Minnesota. Seen it quite a few times
I love opportunities to show off my fresh paint!!

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That truck with loader is frim glenwood mn and i have a few videos if it in action nice old guy owns it

Heres my shorty fresh out of paint, its the factory banzai blue with a tad more pearl.
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